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Forest Honey

From the unspoilt mountain forests of Mt. Pindos

APHRODITE Forest Honey is a rare variety of honey coming mainly from the evergreen coniferous trees that adorn the mountains of Pindos. It is a tasty and balanced combination of honeydew, mainly from fir trees, and blossom honey. It is harvested in the unspoilt forests of Evritania, at an altitude of 1200 to 1600 metres, where human intervention is almost annihilated.

Texture – Aroma
A characteristic of APHRODITE Forest Honey is its impressive dark golden-red colour, which makes it particularly popular. This honey has a thick consistency, and its natural crystallisation process is quite slow. More specifically, it retains its liquid form for more than 18 months when stored at room temperature.
This variety has an intense and warm taste with moderate sweetness and mild woody tones.
The APHRODITE Forest Honey is great on a slice of bread and butter; can be combined perfectly with Greek yoghurt and ice cream. Ταιριάζει, ακόμη αρμονικά με πίτες και pancakes. Also, pour it on pies and pancakes or try it with cereals, muesli, oats and nuts.